Sunday, January 30, 2011

Print Swap! Pt. 2

I received the lovely box of amazing prints (it's actually been a few weeks now...) which I had been waiting impatiently for since I sent off my box of prints to the Pussy Cat Press Print Exchange back in September, which I posted about here . I am blown away by the prints I received, I want to frame them all and cover my walls with them. :)

I said I would post the print I contributed to the exchange when it was all over, so here it is.
9x12'' linoleum print, "On/Off"

In other news, I was working on some quilting-type stuff for a while. Everything I've made so far though is practice and will end up as garbage. I'm taking a break from that (and my other couple projects..) to work on a series of reduction lino cuts of sunsets. I've never done reduction prints before now, and it's an interesting thing to try to wrap my brain around. Kind of like stencils but with completely blind registration.