Wednesday, September 29, 2010


One of my friends broke the screen on his phone a few days ago, and made a passing comment about wanting a rotary cell phone. The idea took root in my head and almost without planning it I made him one.

Embroidered dial and ear/mouth piece.
It's a little crude, but it's the first thing I've ever sewn! Which I didn't even realize until after I had started sewing. 

It has a pocket. To keep phone numbers in or something.

I'm really bad at representing myself. I hadn't told my friend anything about making this, I just handed it to him at a time when he was distracted, and walked away. Then I had to ask him later what he thought of it and he was pretty confused until I explained myself fully. 

I really am making progress on my prints, too. I'll post more about them when I have more to show.

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