Monday, September 13, 2010

Ah, So Close...

But not quite done yet.
The darkest shade on the Cave print didn't turn out. So now I have to re-aquatint the plate and etch it again. Here's hoping I don't muck it up.

I realized that my video on This is Handmade is going to become harder to find as more videos get added to the site, and I should post it here also. So here it is in all it's 5 minutes of tedious glory:

There has been some internet dramas over the message behind This is Handmade. People not getting it, being put off by the presentation, etc. For me, it was a great way to blow off steam over the people who have in the past offered me $15-20 for something I worked for days, weeks, or even months on, as though they were doing me a favor. I can make that in an hour waiting tables on a decent night. I would rather hold onto something I spent that much time and love on than to give it away for so little, because it's obvious I care more about it than they do. And who wants their art to wind up with people who don't care about it?


  1. That brace you're using is awesome! Where did you find it? (I don't know what they're technically called, I just picked a word that describes it. lol.)

  2. You were close, it's called a bridge. I actually just made it out of a scrap piece of 1x2. It's hot glued together. :P